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Motherandchild - Naturopathic Consultation/Health Check up

Naturopathic Consultation / Health Check up

Your first naturopathic consultation is an overall health check up followed by treatment options such as lifestyle change, nutrition advice and prescription of herbal medicine or supplements. The duration of your first naturopathic consultation is 1hr or 1.5hr. Follow up sessions are 1/2hr.

You will fill out a short form before your initial consultation so we can find out about your health history, lifestyle and diet. (download the health history form)

Based on this information and the information we gain through the consultation we will form a picture of your general health and also find the root of disease if present. We look at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual factors so we can treat you as a whole person rather than treating symptoms only. We combine several healing methods to restore energy flow of the body to its natural state of good health including herbal medicine, personalized nutritional advice, lifestyle coaching, Bach flower remedies and nutritional supplements. 

As a client:

  • you will have a role in your own healing process
  • you will understand the importance of diet, exercise and lifestyle factors which influence health and wellbeing
  • you will experience renewed energy and vitality gained by working with the body's innate healing abilities 
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We specialize in women’s and children’s health, pregnancy, fertility and nutrition.



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