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There is nothing more important than your and your children's health! So please contact us now:



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Motherandchild - Children’s Health

Children’s Health

Every mum’s dream is to have healthy children, we wonder every day how we could do more for our children’s health. We believe that children’s nutrition is number one. We are happy to go through your children’s nutrition with you.

Are your children suffering from any allergies? Do they suffer from hay fever, asthma or eczema? You do not need to live with allergies. A minor change in children’s diet can cause a huge positive change in their general health.

Weight is also a common issue today, whether your children are obese, overweight or underweight, we can adjust your children’s nutrition accordingly. We also encourage better eating habits and may introduce digestive aids such as bitters or herbs for better digestion.

Cold and flu can come and go if your children’s immunity is low. We can help you with herbal formulas and good nutrition plan to build up your children’s immunity so they won’t catch all the bugs at daycare or at school.